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4 Best Video Stock Footage Sites for YouTube

4 Best Video Stock Footage Sites for YouTube



You are getting ready to prepare your next (hopefully) viral video on YouTube. To polish it off, you need access to the best video stock footage site that can provide a royalty-free clip. But where do you start? There are many places to find stock videos, but hopefully, we can make your decision a bit easier.

Here are our top four favorite websites for getting YouTube stock footage without the worry of copyright woes. 

RAW Film

Oh, what can be said of RAW Film. They honestly have one of the best and most impressive video stock footage collections we’ve seen. Their website is subscription-based, but you can also find plenty of free options to use in your YouTube project. 

What makes them one of the best sites is their video quality. Every single clip is shot on RED digital cinema cameras. And resolution starts at 4K and goes all the way up to 8K. You won’t find anything less than cinematic on RAW Film. 


If you are on a tight production budget, a free option like Pexels might do the trick. Their video footage site houses stock clips uploaded by community creators. So, there is definitely a high variation in quality, but nothing low enough that would make one cringe. 

A simple search for “home office” yielded about 32K videos, so make use of hashtags when searching. Even though their content is at no cost, all of their stock videos are royalty-free, copyright-free, and attribution is not required. You can also modify their footage to your liking. Happy editing!


Again, we love a good free stock website. Pixabay also houses a vast collection of royalty-free videos that you can use however you desire. You might notice a similarity between this platform and Pexels. They also upload clips created by community contributors, and the quality varies. 

However, we did notice that most of the footage is either HD or 4K- still high quality for free content. Their no-cost collection is definitely not huge, but you do have the option to purchase paid iStock videos directly from Pixabay.


You’ve probably heard of Shutterstock before. Their stock video website has been around for quite a while, so they have a quite massive collection of footage. According to their home page, they house more than 21 million videos as of March 31, 2021. Wow- to say the least. 

Everything is royalty-free to comply with YouTube copyright standards. You can also find clips in SD, HD, and 4K to match your video editing needs. However, you won’t find any free options here. 

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