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8 Best Stock Music Libraries for Video Creators

8 Best Stock Music Libraries for Video Creators


You have diminished your current stock music library. As a video creator, this is a problem. You need on-demand access to new tracks at all times to perfect those social media reels or YouTube videos. 

Instead of paying a small fee per track, you could be taking advantage of the best stock music collections for a subscription fee. 

We love these song libraries because you can download what you need and never have to worry about copyrights or royalties. 


Say hello to unlimited downloads and royalty-free tracks for your YouTube masterpieces. Paramusical is a sleek and easy-to-navigate music library that houses all types of genres. For a low subscription fee, you’ll get thousands of tracks at your disposal. 

Epidemic Sound

This music library is relatively new and buzzing among YouTube video creators. Epidemic Sound provides access to around 35K tracks and 90k sound effects for a monthly subscription fee. All of their music is royalty-free.


Have you heard of HookSounds? Their stock collection is produced by select artists, copyright-free, and can be used for any purpose. Companies like Disney, IBM, and Uber use HookSounds. With that said, their pricing is some of the most expensive we’ve seen. 


If you are into SFX, then Artlist might be for you. Their songs and SFX are created to use anywhere for individual or commercial use. You can pay just for the special effects, just the music, or a combo package for both.


As the name implies, Stockmusic is another fan-favorite place to get songs without copyright. All of their tracks are cleared for monetization. And you can transfer the license to whoever uses your final production that includes the music. 


We recommend Pond5 because they curate music specifically timed for social media. Aside from songs, they also house stock videos and photos. So, they sort of cover it all. According to their website, you browse through over 900k songs. 


This library is full of high-quality tracks that are built for video creators and filmmakers. There are over 100 ways to filter Musicbed’s search engine to find your perfect track. Of course, everything is copyright-free with a subscription. 

Music Vine

If you are looking for a premier experience, Music Vine should be on your radar. Their stock song collection is curated for professional video and film. Plus, their interface is organized into thematic playlists. So, their pricing structure is at a premium.

Make Your YouTube Videos Stand Out

Music can make or break your video. Are you using royalty-free tracks that compliment the mood for your clip? Maybe you dream of finding the perfect lofi beat or pop remix to jazz up your video’s vibe. You can find all of that (and then some) at Paramusical. 

This YouTube music platform offers unlimited downloads on copyright-free tracks, and you can even snag some samples at no cost to you. Transform the way people experience your YouTube video with Paramusical.