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Before starting Paramusical we were a group of musicians with a passion for creating music we love. For many years we created music for some of the biggest music libraries. We have worked on global TV commercials, featured films and even toured the world with major pop acts. It became clear to us that there was a desperate need for quality over quantity. The value of music for emerging filmmakers, youtube users and content creators had became a vital asset and we needed to fill the void.


We get it. We been there - Struggling to find the find the right music for projects that aren’t boring and overused. So we started a royalty free music library Paramusical, as a way forward to help creative entreprenuers succeed in telling their story. Every project has a unique story and it’s our job to do that story justice with inspiring, authentic music.


After nearly two years of developing Paramusical we’ve been able to collaborate with an amazing team of passion-driven musicians and videoagraphers around the world to produce quality tracks with versatile genres for every need. Everything has been tagged and organized by our creative team with maximum ease for you, the user.