What Is a Cue Sheet?

Whenever music is featured in a movie, television, or other audiovisual program, production companies are responsible for filing a cue sheet to the appropriate Performing Rights Organization (PRO).


Cue sheets should contain the following information:
Composer, musician, and/or publisher information

Title of the music

Type of music (e.g. instrumental, background, etc.)


By submitting cue sheets to PROs, producers are ensuring that the musicians and composers responsible for their production’s music receive publication credit as well as the royalty payment owed to them.
In most cases, PROs use licensing payments they’ve received from TV broadcasters to compensate their artists. However, in the rare case that a broadcast network has not purchased a license from the PRO, you as the producer will become responsible for paying the performance rights and licensing fee.
If you should find yourself in that situation, give us a call and we will provide you with information as well as rates to cover the direct license and rights fees.

Need a Cue Sheet?

 You can find a blank cue sheet here.


If you are unsure of the details regarding a piece of royalty-free music you purchased from Paramusical, please send us the name of the track and we will follow up with the pertinent information.

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