Is Your Project Special?

If your music needs to meet certain specifications and you’re struggling to find that best-fit in our music library….

If your project or production has a unique feel and you want to establish an equally unique mood through music…

If you want music solely made for your own purposes and that will help your project stand out from the crowd…

Then custom music is what you need.

If you’ve spent time perusing our royalty-free music library, then you’ve probably noticed that we’re in the business of providing our customers with high-quality music. While we take great pride in our stellar royalty-free music selections, we realize that sometimes our customers need something extra, a piece of music that’s more personalized.
At Paramusical, we want to make the process of connecting customers with their perfect song or soundtrack easy. This is why, in addition to our music library, we offer our customers the opportunity to have music custom-made for their production by our world-class musicians and composers.

Tailor-Made for You

If you’ve found yourself here, then you recognize that your high-end project needs music with a big-production feel. With Paramusical custom music, our artists will create music to fit your specific and highly personalized needs.

Original & Exclusive

The royalty-free music you’ll find in our library is 100% exclusive to Paramusical, which means you won’t be able to purchase it anywhere else. However, if what your production needs is something 100% original to you, then custom music is the way to go.

World-Class Music

Our promise is simple: we work with the best musicians and composers in order to provide our customers with the best music for their production. So if you’re looking for a premium quality composition, you’ve come to the right place.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Whatever it is you need—be it a music track to pair with your logo, a song for your movie, background music for a corporate training video, or something else—we offer affordable pricing options for all your custom music needs.

Custom Music Inquiry

So what is it that we can do for you?


Let us know in the form below what it is you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch soon with more information on the process as well as next steps.

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