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Q: What comes with my Paramusical license?

Your Paramusical license subscription gives you full and unlimited access to one of the best royalty-free music libraries available today! You can use your subscription to download audio content for personal, private, and commercial purposes, and feature it in any video production on any platform.

If you use the music for TV and film. you are required to fill out a cue sheet.

Q: How long is my license good for?

Your license is yours to use forever. There are no renewal fees nor does your license expire (even if your subscription does). The only catch is that you must download the song while you have a valid subscription with Paramusical.

Q: Can I use my license on a client project?

Yes, you most certainly can. However, if you’re producing a movie or other project for a client (for personal or commercial use), the music licensed by you can only be used for that purpose. Your client does not own the license and, so, they cannot use it in any other work.

Q: Can my business use a Paramusical license?

Yes, we allow businesses to purchase Paramusical subscriptions for themselves and their teams.
Just note that your employees, collaborators, and anyone else using your license must do so
solely for your company’s productions. If they want to use music from our library for a project
outside your company, they will need to purchase their own license for it.

Q: Can I sing and add instruments on top of a song purchased from the Paramusical library?

No, you cannot. This is a form of copyright infringement.

The Paramusical music library is available for synchronization with media productions. If you
want to add it to your website, in the background of a film, to enhance the mood in a TV show,
to correspond with game play, and so on, that is totally acceptable.

However, you cannot adapt a Paramusical track with your own singing or instruments and then
attempt to market it as your own song. Editing a song to fit within an allotted time frame of a
production is one thing. Altering it to become another work is what’s known as a “derivative
work” and it’s unlawful.

Just to be clear, the issue here is not the adding of one’s voice on top of an audio track. Take, for
instance, music used as background in an audiobook. The narration that sits on top of the music
is acceptable as you are not transforming the work and trying to make it something else. It is
there to complement the production.

Q: Am i allowed to edit / re-master / mix /render the music?

Yes you can ! whatever makes it fit your project.

Q: Where can I find trial versions of your music?

We understand that finding the right song for your production is no easy endeavor. That’s why
we’ve included full watermarked versions for every piece of audio content in our library. You
don’t even need to be a subscriber to access them.

Simply open a trial account with us. You can peruse our entire library and download any
watermarked MP3s you’re interested in. You’re then free to pair those songs with your video
production and share them with your collaborators to make sure they’re a good fit.

If you’re happy with what you’ve found, subscribe to Paramusical so you can secure your
royalty-free music license today!

Q: How can I use the watermarked preview?

Let’s say you’ve found a song you think would go great with your video production. But before
you spend up any money for a license subscription, you want to make sure it fits perfectly.
That’s what our watermarked previews are for.

You can download the full song in MP3 format for a trial run. This means you can add it to
pre -production recordings only.

Until you secure a Paramusical license though, it cannot be used in any public-facing projects.

Q: How can I use the music I’ve purchased from Paramusical?

When you purchase royalty-free music from our website, what you have really purchased is the
license (and rights) to use the music track for your own personal or commercial needs.

The following restrictions apply to all the music you downloaded from Paramusical:

  • You cannot sell, transfer, trade, share, or give our music away (by any means) to another
  • You cannot claim ownership of the music you’ve purchased nor can you market it as
    your own, even if you’ve added your own instrumentation or vocals to it.
  • If you use the music in the background of a product (like an audiobook, self-help guide,
    etc.), you may include your own voiceover so long as you do not market the music as
    your own.

Q: Is the music royalty-free?

Yes, our music is royalty-free, but not public performance rights-free. This means that if you are
using our music in a TV or film production, you are required to fill out a cue sheet and send it
back to us. There is no additional cost. This is solely to ensure that, when such payments are
required, the broadcasting channel issues the royalty payment to the artist accordingly.

Learn more about cue sheets here .

Q: Any additional cost for using Paramusical music in paid / branded advertising?

No additional cost ! Your Paramusical license got you covered.

Q: What does “Moral use” mean?

We allow subscribers to license audio content from our music library with the understanding that
it will be used following the guidelines of “Moral use”.

That means that our music should not appear in productions that advocate for:

  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Violence
  • Pornography or obscenity
  • Defamation of character
  • Invasive content

If the production is meant to offend, we do not consent to the usage of our music tracks within it.

Q: Can I download every song in the Paramusical catalog?

Of course you can ! The Paramusical license gives you access to everything we have.

Q: Who should receive credit for the songs we download from Paramusical?

Actually, we don’t require our users to give credit for the royalty-free music they’ve downloaded
from us. That said, our artists would be grateful to receive credit for their work, but it’s up to you
to decide when it makes the most sense to provide attribution.

Q: Who owns the music?

All music tracks included in the Paramusical catalog, services, logos, and such are protected by
copyright. As such, they are the intellectual property of the Paramusical library website and the

Q: How often do you get new music?

Music is a dynamic art, which means it’s constantly growing and changing. As such, we aim to
keep the Paramusical catalog as current as possible. In order to do this, we invite our current
artists to always be submitting new audio content while encouraging new artists to join our

You’ll always find something new in the Paramusical library.

Q: Am I allowed to share or transfer my license?

A Paramusical subscriber license only covers the individual who purchased it. This means that
transferring a license from one person to another is not allowed.

However, businesses are allowed to purchase a license for use within the company. In this case,
employees and contractors can make use of the license, but only if it applies to the production for
which you purchased the license in the first place.

Q: Does Paramusical provide all necessary legal documentation?

Yes. You will receive the following with the license confirmation email we send you:

  • Your license
  • Proof of purchase
  • The artist’s information
  • Music download links
  • A cue sheet – You must fill this out if you want to use the music in a TV show, film, or
    any other production that requires you to send a cue sheet

Q: Can i use the music internationally ?

Of course, you can use the music anywhere around the globe, or even outside, in space !

Q: How old do I have to be to use this site?

The Paramusical website is for users 18 years of age and up.

Q: What does my Paramusical subscription include?

When purchasing a Paramusical subscription you gain a full access to our music catalog for use
in any production worldwide (that complies with standard licensing terms).

Q: Will I really get full access to all music in the Paramusical music library?

Yes, of course you will!

Q: Do you offer demo versions for tracks before I subscribe?

Yes, you can download watermarked MP3s. Try them out in your project before you subscribe or
purchase to make sure they’re a good fit!

Q: I’ve added the songs to my cart and pressed the download button. Where do I find my music?

Within a few minutes, you should receive an email from Paramusical that includes details of
your purchase along with a link for download.

Q: I downloaded my tracks, so why does it still have the Paramusical watermark?

There are a number of things that may have gone wrong.

  • Make sure you are signed in as a subscriber.
  • Check that you added the songs to your cart and pressed the download button.
  • Verify that the email you provided is correct.
  • If you still have a watermark on your tracks, make sure your subscription still valid

If, after all that, you still have a watermark on your songs, please contact us thru our contact

Q: What if I didn’t receive my music by email?

First, check your spam folder. If you do not see it there, send us an email or try to download
In general, it would be a good idea to add info@paramusical.com into your contacts so our
emails will not end up in your spam folder.

Q: Is there a limit to how many music tracks I can download?

Yes, in order to avoid abuse and misuse of the library and its intended purpose, there is a “proper
use “ download limit of 40 tracks per day. Once you have hit your limit, though, you are
welcome to return the next calendar day to download more!

Q: Why do I have a limit of 100 downloads if I am purchasing the monthly subscription?

We created the monthly subscription for those who need music for specific small projects and
don’t need an annual subscription.

Q: Why do i need a cue sheet ?

We pride in taking care of our artists and making sure everyone receives the credit they deserve, a
cue sheet is required if using music in TV/FILM so the artist get paid by the PRO organizations,
please make sure to submit one and send us a copy.

Q: What is a cue sheet?

According to BMI and other PRO organizations when music or audio content appears in a TV
broadcast or movie, performing rights organizations (PROs) are responsible for issuing royalty
payments to the artists that created the tracks.

Cue sheets are what we, as a licensing organization, use to communicate directly with PROS to
let them know what to look for. Without a cue sheet, PROs would have a difficult time locating
the right composer or artist to compensate.

Whenever one of our subscribers licenses a music track to be used in a TV or film production,
we ask that they fill out a cue sheet (which we provide along with your music download).

They then need to fill out details pertaining to where and and when it will appear. For instance:

  • The title of the TV program or film
  • The title of the TV episode
  • The episode number
  • The date the episode will air
  • The date of film release
  • The name of the production company behind the film or show
  • The length of the show or film
  • The length of the song, if not using it in its entirety
  • Details regarding timing and usage

They also need to provide details related to the song itself:

  • The song used
  • The name of the artist or composer
  • The name of the publisher
  • Information regarding multiple artists, publishers, or royalty splits
  • The performing rights organization

We want to ensure that all of our artists are paid for the works they’ve created. As such, these
cue sheets allow us to notify performing rights societies so that they may collect royalties from
production companies.

Feel free to read more info on the ASCAP website here –
You can find a cue sheet to download here

Q: Why do I need to submit a cue sheet for Paramusical music I downloaded for TV or film placement?

When music appears in a publicly broadcasted production, you are required and responsible by
law to submit a cue sheet to the relevant Performing Rights Organization so the artists behind the
music may receive royalty payments for their work. After you’ve licensed the music you want to
use, you will receive an email from us with the tracks for downloading. Included in this is a cue
sheet that must be filled out.

We also believe that, by taking care of our artists, you will get better music over time.

Q: Is there any additional cost for using Paramusical music in TV or film?

No, but you are required to fill out the cue sheet with the right information. It is then up to the
broadcasting channel to issue a royalty payment if it’s required by the region in which the
production aired.

Q: Is the catalog suitable for movie soundtracks or trailers?

Of course. All you have to do is search for trailer music or look at our curated playlists. We
update the catalog on a weekly basis, so there’s always something new to find!

Q: How much does a subscription cost?

Paramusical annual subscriptions are $69, billed annually (at the rate of $5.75 a month). We
understand that a yearly plan might be a big commitment, so we also offer a month-to-month plan
for $19.99.

Q: Are there any other fees after i subscribe ?

Actually, there are no surprise fees here. You pay once for a Paramusical subscription, and then
gain instant access to download any music you’d like from our library.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. All purchases are processed through our
secure payment gateway.

Q: Does a Paramusical subscription automatically renew?

We don’t want you to lose access to our library, which is why your subscription is set to auto
renew! If you decide to cancel your subscription, the auto-renewals will stop as well

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

If you paid by credit card, you can cancel your plan by doing the following:

  • Visit your Account settings.
  • Locate your Subscription.
  • Click “Cancel Subscription”.

If you paid with PayPal, you will have to cancel your subscription through Paypal.

Q: I just checked my credit card statement and found an additional fee for the license I purchased. What is this for?

The only fees you receive from Paramusical are the ones which we have outlined in your music
licensing agreement.

Any additional charges you find on your credit card statement most likely came from your
bank’s foreign transaction fee. Please contact them if you should have any questions regarding
these additional charges.

Q: What is the refund process?

Paramusical offers a full refund ONLY in the following cases :

  1. You have 14 days to receive a full refund, If you have not downloaded any music on your
    subscription yet.
  2. There is a copyright dispute or infringement claim, If you believe there is a copyright
    issue, please contact us immediately.

Q: Where does music in the Paramusical library come from?

We pride ourselves on having one of the best royalty-free music libraries, but none of that would
be possible without the artists who create the content for it.

Paramusical works with independent musicians located all around the globe. It is our mission to
showcase talent no matter where it comes from–from professional music studios to recordings
done in an artist’s home. All we ask is that music featured in the Paramusical library be of the
highest calibre so that we may provide customers’ with the best audio content options possible.

Q: Why do I hear a watermark when I search for music on the site ?

We use watermark on our music to protect our composers from unlicensed use. 

However, once you are subscribed to Paramusical, you will not hear the watermark while searching for music. 

Q: Do you update the music library frequently?

You bet we do! We are constantly working on bringing you more of the best and fresh music and
audio content around.

Q: Can I download instrumental versions of songs that have vocals?

The Paramusical library does have songs with vocal and instrumental versions (this won’t
always be the case though). If you’re interested in downloading a song you’ve discovered in the
library, but want it without vocals, Just click on the little triangle next to the song. If the
instrumental version is available, it will be listed there for download.

Q: Can I purchase exclusive rights to songs in the Paramusical library?

The Paramusical library consists of audio content that is available for royalty-free licensing. This
means that anyone and everyone with a valid subscription is entitled to license and use the song
for their own purposes, but no one is able to exclusively own the rights to it.

Q: Can I purchase individual tracks?

Right now, we only offer annual and monthly subscriptions

Q: Which file formats are your music tracks delivered in?

You can download all music on our website in the file format of your choice:

  • WAV – 24-bit, 48kHz
  • MP3 – 320kbps

Most of our customers find the higher quality WAV format is more suitable for TV, movie, and
radio productions.